Reduce human error and lower your costs

Health telemonitoring makes it easier for doctors, healthcare staff, family members and patients to share valuable health and wellness information through artificial intelligence.

How does it work?

We have integrated our system with ResiPlus®,
the leading nursing home management application
, ayudando las residencias a asumir un rol sanitario usando telemonitorización con sensores

We provide real time information
for managers, healthcare staff and technicians to improve their decision making process.

We improve the quality
and traceability of information


Artificial intelligence through sensors

  • Periodic and automated measurements of vital signs
  • Automatic reporting of measurments
  • Reports on the health condition of users.
  • Predictions to anticipate health crises.
  • Suggestions for procedural improvements.
  • Supervision of tasks.
  • Improved access to information.

Platform and app

  • Reporting of data and display of alerts based on vital signs, or environmental data
  • Management of relevant events, e.g. variations in vital signs or notification of user discomfort
  • Access to user’s records.
  • Access to caregiver and family visit reports.
  • Management and integration of sensors.

Monitoring of tasks

  • Reduction of human errors:
    • Customised list of actions for each patient
    • Tracking of relevant data: visits to the toilet, enema, nutrition
    • Incidencts: falls, illnesses, alergies…
  • Exchange of information through a specific app.
  • Better transparency.

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Apply the latest technological advances in artificial intelligence to improve the quality and efficiency of nursing homes and social health care

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