Call systems

Call systems

A revolutionary wireless communication system
for staff and patients.

Pulsamed communication systems offer an integral, innovative and efficient solution to improve communication between health care staff and patients remotely and in real time. These systems have been designed to meet different needs, offering several communication solutions between:
Patient-nurse: Patients will be able to call nurses and healthcare personnel directly through a wireless call system specifically designed for hospital beds, bathrooms and desks.

Internal communication between medical staff, healthcare personnel and administrative staff: The staff working at a medical centre, hospital or nursing home will be able to coordinate using a notification and instant messaging system wherever they are, or if they prefer, through a voice communication system.
Queue management system for outpatients and visitors: Workers whether doctors, administrative staff, or healthcare personnel, will be able to communicate with outpatients and visitors remotely, letting them know when they can come in, reducing crowds in waiting rooms and making it easier to keep a safety distance.


Optimise the work of your staff in hospitals, medical centres, clinics, and nursing homes by reinforcing distancing measures and reducing queues and crowds. Improve patient care while avoiding queues, voices, loud noises, and misunderstandings. Your patients will feel cared for at all times, with the peace of mind of knowing they can call the staff when they need to. At the same time, medical staff will be able to coordinate more quickly and efficiently.

  • Coordinate your team quickly and instantly
  • Communicate remotely with patients
  • Improve patient care
  • Increase response speed
  • Eliminate loud noises due to calling out loud
  • Reduce unnecessary walking


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